Instant Drug Testing
Devices Backed By
Laboratory Confirmations

Dealing with people addicted to drugs or alcohol is a tough job. You work with those who need help and are sometimes unwilling, or unable, to help themselves.

So you help them. And you make a difference.

The stories and excuses you hear every day make your efforts even tougher. We know sorting that out and getting to the truth is hard work. Yet you need to know facts so you can truly help them.

You’ve got a hard job, but every success means you’ve helped someone. Your work makes a difference – not only to that client, but to her or his family as well.

We salute the impact you make in society every day. That’s why Ammon Analytical Laboratory gives you services and tools you need to better serve your clients.

Instant Drug Testing Devices Backed by Laboratory Confirmation
Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG), Alcohol metabolite screen
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Detect Alcohol Consumption 5-7 Times Longer Than Standard Alcohol Tests

EtG (Ethylglucuronide) New technology lets us offer a cost-effective EtG screen.

Opiate Treatment Clinics


Criminal Justice

A specialty toxicology laboratory, Ammon Analytical Laboratory understand the unique needs of clinics that deal with opiate-addicted patients. Those needs are important to you; after all, anyone can do drug testing. But our services and tools get to the heart of your work and make your job easier. See how.

You are the first line of defense regarding substance abuse in young people. You see it; you know it. We confirm it. Using an oral fluid or urine specimen, you can verify your suspicion. Using random screening, you can keep kids honest. Ammon Analytical Laboratory also has drug tests that give you instant results. Even better, you can confirm those results with our laboratory analysis for 100% assurance.

Your client is in front of you. He says he is clean, but you need to know the truth. Right now. Ammon Analytical Laboratory can help. When you use our instant, on-site drug tests (urine or oral fluid),backed by laboratory confirmation, or a new lab test that detects alcohol consumption for several days, you will know what’s up.

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